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Kunikei "Hand Hammered"


Blade:White steel #1
Price(Red oak handle or white oak handle)
3mm:US$ 163
6mm:US$ 163
9mm:US$ 164
12mm:US$ 172
15mm:US$ 173
18mm:US$ 179
24mm:US$ 188
30mm:US$ 193
36mm:US$ 199
42mm:US$ 211
Set of ten(3-42mm) with kiri(paulownia) box:US$ 1845(Shipping cost:$60)
Shipping cost:$US 25(1 piece),US$ 29(2 pieces),US$ 32(3 pieces)
US$ 38(4 pieces),US$ 45(5 pieces),US$ 47(6 pieces)
US$60(7 pieces-9pieces)

It is possible to these blades in ebony or boxwood handles.But you have to pay US$ 10/piece.Please understand that.

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Kunikei Hand Hammered bench chisel(Japanese chisel)
Yoshiro Ikeda known as "Kunikei" is truly foremost edge tool blacksmith of Japan. He has been dispatched to Indonesia several times to instruct an edge tool making for operations of international cooperation.
He uses white steel which is a high-class material for Japanese chisel, and he forges it many times paying attention to detail.
When you look at him who dedicates himself to forging, you will feel a kind of determined atmosphere. It will be "Mind" of his concentration and this mind might be just the reason he is called a "Samurai Blacksmith"
In fact, this chisel is a really excellent tool that people using this chisel are surely impressed by its beauty and sharpness.




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