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Michio Tasai

Michio Tasai

Blade:Special Yasuki steel(Close to blue steel quality)
Price(red oak handle or white oak handle,single hollow)
3mm:US$ 155
6mm:US$ 155
9mm:US$ 162
12mm:US$ 162
15mm:US$ 171
18mm:US$ 171
24mm:US$ 190
30mm:US$ 196
36mmUS$ 214
42mm:US$ 233
Set of ten with a kiri-box:US$ 1809(Shipping:Free)

Shipping cost:US$ 16(1 piece),US$ 19(2 pieces),US$ 21(3 pieces)
US$ 24(4 pieces),US$ 28(5 pieces),US$ 32(6 pieces)
US$ 36(7 pieces),US$ 47(8 pieces-9 pieces)

It is possible to these blades in ebony or boxwood handles.But you have to pay US$ 10/piece.Please understand that.

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Akio Tasai is known as one of the Japanese chisel(nomi) blacksmith and their family takes over the heritage. Tasai's products are famous for beauty.
Mr. Tasai specifies steel and he brings up the steel characteristics better.
Michio Tasai is the son of Akio.He is also a skilled blacksmith.The design of his chisels is simple.But his chisels are very easy to use.Of course they cut very well.




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