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Fujihiro "Mokume" (Sword steel) bench chisel


Blade:"Sword steel"

3mm:US$ 190
6mm:US$ 190
9mm:US$ 197
12mm:US$ 197
15mm:US$ 208
18mm:US$ 208
24mm:US$ 232
30mm:US$ 240
36mmUS$ 260
42mm:US$ 283
Set of ten with a kiri-box:US$ 2278(Shipping cost:Free)

Shipping cost:US$ 19(1 piece),US$ 19(2 pieces),US$ 28(3 pieces)
US$ 30(4 pieces),US$ 34(5 pieces),US$ 42(6 pieces)
US$ 45(7 pieces),US$ 50(8 pieces-9 pieces)

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This type of chisel is made by Chutaro Imai who is one of the famous chisel blacksmith.
He is working in Sanjyo,Nigata Prefecture.

This type has beautiful wood grain pattern.So it is called "Sword steel" chisel.
2017-09-28 07.15.28.jpg
2017-09-28 07.15.51.jpg


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