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Kikuhiromaru "Shinogi" style bench chisel


Blade :White steel #1

3mm:US$ 163
6mm:US$ 163
9mm:US$ 164
12mm:US$ 172
15mm:US$ 173
18mm:US$ 179
24mm:US$ 188
30mm:US$ 193
36mm:US$ 199
42mm:US$ 211
Set of ten(3-42mm) with kiri(paulownia) box:US$ 1845(Shipping cost:$60)
Shipping cost:$US 25(1 piece),US$ 29(2 pieces),US$ 32(3 pieces)
US$ 38(4 pieces),US$ 45(5 pieces),US$ 47(6 pieces)
US$60(7 pieces-9pieces)

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Kikuhiro maru is a chisel blacksmith who lives in Nigata.He uses white steel #1 for his chisels.Chisels made from white steel #1 cut very well and keep their edges sharp for long.But there are few chisel blacksmith who can forge white steel #1.So Kikuhiromaru is also one of the best chisel blacksmiths in Japan.
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