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Tasai "Mokume" (Grain of Wood)


Famous Mokume and Sharpness by keeper of the flame Tasai's Mokume is very famous!
Steel: Special steel, Yasuki Steel which is very similar to Blue Steel
Size: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48 mm or a set (10 pieces)
price(Ebony or rosewood handle,single hollow)
3mm:US$ 244
6mm:US$ 244
9mm:US$ 244
12mm:US$ 244
15mm:US$ 270
18mm:US$ 291
24mm:US$ 318
30mm:US$ 348
36mm:US$ 380
42mm:US$ 415
Set of ten:US$ 2998(Shipping cost:Free)
Set of ten(with mutiple hollows--But 3mm and 6mm have single hollow):US$ 3480(Shipping:Free)

Shipping cost:US$ 16(1 piece),US$ 19(2 pieces),US$ 21(3 pieces)
US$ 24(4 pieces),US$ 28(5 pieces),US$ 32(6 pieces)
US$ 36(7 pieces),US$ 47(8 pieces-9 pieces)

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Tasai "Mokume"(Japanese chisel nomi)
Tasai is known as one of the Japanese chisel(nomi) blacksmith and their family takes over the heritage. Tasai's products are famous for beauty.
Mr. Tasai specifies steel and he brings up the steel characteristics better.

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