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Chu tataki nomi by Yamahiro

Chu tataki nomi by Yamahiro

3mm:US$ 141
6mm:US$ 141
9mm:US$ 141
12mm:US$ 141
15mm:US$ 145
18mm:US$ 152
24mm:US$ 178
30mm:US$ 192
36mm:US$ 221
42mm:US$ 262
Set of ten:US$ 1709(Shipping cost:Free)

Shipping cost:US$ 16(1 piece),US$ 19(2 pieces),US$ 21(3 pieces)
US$ 24(4 pieces),US$ 28(5 pieces),US$ 32(6 pieces)
US$ 36(7 pieces),US$ 47(8 pieces-9 pieces)

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Yamahiro(Okayama) is a great blacksmith who lives in Nigata.
He uses white steel #1.Forging white steel #1 requires a great deal of skill.His skill makes it possible to make white steel sharp chisels.
He is looked up to as a great blacksmith by other blacksmiths.




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