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Goose neck chisel by Ouchi

Goose neck chisel by Ouchi

Blade:White steel
6mm:US$ 123
9mm:US$ 126
12mm:US$ 135
18mm:US$ 147
24mm:US$ 184
Shipping cost
US$ 19(1 piece),US$ 21(2 pieces),US$ 26(3 pieces)
US$ 32(4 pieces),US$ 36(5 pieces)

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Goose neck chisel by Ouchi(Japanese chisel nomi)
Many carpenters recognize its excellence. "Ouchi" is known by its brand name from Miki city. It is not so flashy, but it is said that "Ouchi" is very famous for a Japanese chisel(nomi) maker in the Western part of Japan. The sharpness is excellent and carpenters use Ouchi chisels. White Papers are used. Ouchi uses microscopes for analysis and tries new techniques.




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