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Mortise chisel by Ouchi

Mortise chisel by Ouchi

Blade:White steel #2
Handle:Red oak or white oak
6mm:US$ 128
9mm:US$ 134
12mm:US$ 140
15mm:US$ 149
18mmUS$ 160
Shipping cost:US$ 20(1 piece),US$ 24(2 pieces),US$ 30(3 pieces)
US$ 37(4 pieces),US$ 39(5 pieces),US$ 42(6 pieces)

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Mortise chisel by Ouchi(Japanese chisel)
In Japan, this mortise chisel is usually used by joiners to make a deep hole and to mortise. To make this chisel, like all Japanese chisels, advanced techniques are required.
Ouchi may sometimes remake his chisel when it is unacceptable to him, even if that chisel is up to grade. For that reason, delivery of the item may take time that because this is the gem reflecting his straight-out stance about the pride in his craftsmanship.




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