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Tasai "polishing finish" timber chisel


Steel: Special Yasuki Steel close to blur steel quality

Price(Red oak handle,single hollow)
3mm:US$ 209
6mm:US$ 209
9mm:US$ 209
12mm:US$ 231
15mm:US$ 247
18mm:US$ 267
24mm:US$ 302
30mm:US$ 332
36mm:US$ 371
42mm:US$ 402
Set of ten:US$ 2,845(Shipping cost:US$80)

Shipping cost:US$ 20(1 piece),US$ 27(2 pieces),US$ 34(3 pieces)
US$ 45(4 pieces),US$ 52(5 pieces),US$ 59(6 pieces)
US$ 72(7 pieces),US$ 80(8 pieces-10 pieces)

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Tasai's "polishing finish" is the most simple design. Polishing finish requires extra time and costs more. We usually receive comments from customers that say,"This simple design is very nice even if the price is higher than they expected!"
You must be fascinated with Japanese chisel!






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