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105mm large plane "Keizaburo" by Keisuke Uchihashi

105mm large plane

Size:105mm in width
Blade:Swedish steel

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Price:please ask!

Now "Keizaburo" is one of the most popular plane in Japan.
So it is very hard to get this plane.In fact,we waited for about six months to get this plane.

Many carpenters say that this plane cut as well as expensive planes although it is not too expensive.

Keisuke Uchihashi makes his planes without machines.But we have never been disapointed by his planes.All his planes were very good.

So we can recommend you this plane with no reservations!
2016-07-21 12.36.14.jpg

2016-07-21 12.36.22.jpg

2016-07-21 12.36.18.jpg
2016-07-21 12.36.29.jpg
2016-07-21 12.35.33.jpg


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