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Funahiro plane "Genpu" and "Genun"

Funahiro plane


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Funahiro made this plane with ASSAB steel
given by Kengo Uusi.This steel is close to tamahagane.It is more durable than other Swedish steel but easy to sharpen.
There are only 15-20 Genpu in the market because he does not have much steel...I got one of them last year.Perhaps he can make only 20-25 Genpu planes...

2016-10-25 10.51.52.jpg
2016-10-25 10.52.26.jpg
2016-10-25 10.52.34.jpg
2016-10-25 10.52.03.jpg

It was made with old carbon steel of high purity.It was manufactured in 19th in England.It was called "Western Tamahagane"
This steel can keep it's edge sharp for longer.So it was regarded as steel for plane of the highest quality.
Funahiro got this steel from Kengo Usui.Kengo Usui used to use this steel for his "Jo no Mai" plane
Of course it has not been used yet.
Recently his planes are very hard to get...We often have to wait for over a year to get his planes..And there are less than 10 Genun plane in the market..

2016-10-25 10.49.47.jpg
2016-10-25 10.50.22.jpg
2016-10-25 10.50.29.jpg
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