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Okudo Renge Suita stone

Okudo Renge Suita stone


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Size:198mm(length) x 70mm(width) x 48mm(thickness)

It is Okudo Renge Suita of the highest quality
Recently renge suita is very rare and very expensive....

It is a little harder than Okudo Shiro(white) Suita.So I think it is more suitable for white steel But black slurry appears soon.

Theblack slurry makes ideal uchigumori finish on your blade.So after you sharpen your blade with it,edge of it will shiny but iron(jigane) will be foggy.

2017-10-25 14.46.13.jpg

2017-10-25 14.57.39.jpg2017-10-25 14.46.20.jpg


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