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Okudo Tomae Karasu stone

Okudo Tomae Karasu stone

Size:210 x 75 x 30mm
Price:$682 including shipping

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We got an Okudo Tomae Karasu stone.
Recently Karasu stone is very hard to get...
It is a little hard.But black slurry appeared soon.The black slurry made the edge of our blade shiny but the iron(jigane) foggy.That is ideal finish for blades.

2021-03-11 13.34.36.jpg
2021-03-11 13.34.40.jpg
2021-03-11 13.34.47.jpg
2021-03-11 13.34.52.jpg
2021-03-11 13.35.00.jpg
2021-03-11 13.37.19.jpg


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