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Gems of a collection

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List - Gems of a collection

Funahiro plane

Funahiro plane "Genpu" and "Genun"

Size:70mm Price Genpu:Sold out Genun:Sold out


Tasai "Mokume" knife

Size Length:180mm Width:21mm-17mm Thickness:2.5mm-3mm

105mm large plane

105mm large plane "Keizaburo" by Keisuke Uchihashi

Size:105mm in width Blade:Swedish steel

Mosaku 60mm plane by Kikuo Kanda

Mosaku 60mm plane by Kikuo Kanda

Size:60mm Blade:White steel Price:US$590(With a white oak dai Shipping cost:Free) It takes about 7-10 days to set this blade in the white oak dai. The chipbreaker was also made by Kikuo Kanda

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