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Chef's Knives made in Sakai-city

Chef's Knives made in Sakai-city

Chef's Knives of Sakai
Sakai city, in Osaka, has been building up the tradition in the kitchen knife manufacturing industry since 15th century, that is to say, for 600 years.
In contrast with the age of mass production, the knife of Sakai knife is made individually by craftsman's hand and its sharpness is above all others in the world. That is quite "Arts of the traditional technique".

The rate of people using Sakai's knife is a little, however, more than 80 percent of chef's knives are Sakai's knife.
Sakai's knife is not just for chefs of Japanese dish but for chefs of Western style and Chinese style dish. It is very famous among chefs.

Traditional-style Japanese foods require a visual presentation in the beauty and sensitivity. Some of the taste is depend on the cut of foods.
Sakai's knives are meeting this point.
Among others, Mr. Kasahara is a rare blacksmith doing the all process in his worksite in Sakai. He is the real blacksmith who dedicate himself to make knives.
I would like you to enjoy its artistic sharpness.

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