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Broad-bladed (Deba) knife made in Sakai

Broad-bladed (Deba) knife made in Sakai

The broad-bladed (Deba) knife, used for ...

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The broad-bladed (Deba) knife, used for cutting up the head bones of fish or birds, is a very imperative item for cutting and trimming.

The lower part of the blade is used when chopping fish bones and the upper part is for cutting and trimming fish meat.

(A kitchen may favorably be referred to as "Chubo" (a term reserved for traditional Japanese kitchens) when this precious Deba knife is used at home as this most important tool provides the means for the same level of professionalism as that of a Japanese chef. )

When using a knife, methods which require a lessened amount of strength are preferred, especially for women. The Deba Knife marvelously enters fish, as if being drawn or sucked in. There is no need to waste any strength as its cuts are very sharp. You will be amazed at such efficient work in your own kitchen!

White steel knife by Skai Koji( What is white steel? )

135mm:US$234(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
150mm:US$244(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
165mm:US$250(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
180mm:US$264(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
210mm:US$310(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
240mm:US$ 401(Shipping cost:US$ 30)


Blue steel knife by Sakai Koji( What is blue steel? )
135mm:US$250(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
150mm:US$261(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
165mm:US$269(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
180mm:US$284(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
210mm:US$338(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
240mm:US$ 498(Shipping cost:US$ 30)

Mirror finished knife by Sakai Koji( What is "Miror finished"?)
180mm:US$321(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
195mm:US$365(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
210mm:US$409(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
225mm:US$498(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
240mm:US$587(Shipping cost:US$ 30)



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