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White steel series(Made in Sakai-city)

White steel series(Made in Sakai-city)

Blacksmith:Kasahara Blade:White steel #2...

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Blade:White steel #2

This series is made from Hitachi Shirogami #2(White steel #2).Kasahara forges blue steel #2 with soft iron in traditional way.So this series is easy to sharpen.

White steel is carbon steel of high purity.So this series cuts very well.And it is very easy to sharpen.

But this series is inferior to blue steel knives in derability...


"Sashimi" Yanagiba (Slicing Knives)
180mm:US$229(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
210mm:US$233(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
240mm:US$240(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
270mm:US$258(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
300mm:US$274(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
330mm:US$306(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
360mm:US$398(Shipping cost:US$ 30)

Prep(Deba) knife
135mm:US$234(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
150mm:US$244(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
165mm:US$250(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
180mm:US$264(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
210mm:US$310(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
240mm:US$ 401(Shipping cost:US$ 30)





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