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Yanagiba knife(Sashimi,Sushi knife Slicing knife) made in Sakai

Yanagiba knife(Sashimi,Sushi knife  Slicing knife) made in Sakai

There is no particular distinction betw...

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There is no particular distinction between professional use and household use.

However, if this yanagiba (slicing knife) is used at home, it would be preferable to use it in a professional manner. The knife is so easy to sharpen that you will find it more than useful without any stress.

The knives introduced here are designed and shaped with a certain thickness and blade width such that they will not deteriorate the quality of ingredients.

This knife can cut especially soft fish meat without deformation and it serves up a very clean cut on the surface of sashimi when smoothly pulled from the blade neck to the tip in one draw.

The cutting quality of the Yanagiba could have influence over the difference between appetizing sashimi and awful sashimi.

This knife is recommended for those who want to serve the delicious sashimi at home! You'll definitely be proud of it when you are asked, "Was today's sashimi expensive?" by your family.

White steel knife by Sakai Koji( What is white steel? )

180mm:US$229(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
210mm:US$233(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
240mm:US$240(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
270mm:US$258(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
300mm:US$274(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
330mm:US$306(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
360mm:US$398(Shipping cost:US$ 30)

Blue steel knife by Sakai Koji( What is blue steel? )
(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
210mm:US$232(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
240mm:US$ 257(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
270mm:US$ 297(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
300mm:US$297(Shipping cost:US$ 37)
330mm:US$333(Shipping cost:US$ 37)
360mm:US$401(Shipping cost:US$ 37)


"Suminagashi"knife by Sakai Koji( What is "Suminagashi"? )

270mm:US$ 336(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
300mm:US$ 387(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
330mm:US$ 453(Shipping cost:US$ 36)
360mm:US$483(Shipping cost:US$36)

"Honyaki" knife( What is "Honyaki"? )
240mm:US$ 405(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
270mm:US$ 449(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
300mm:US$ 507(Shipping cost:US$ 35)
330mm:US$ 567(Shipping cost:US$ 35)
360mm:US$ 637(Shipping cost:US$ 35)

Miror finished knife(
What is "Miror finished"?)
210mm:US$266Shipping cost:US$ 30)
240mm:US$277(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
270mm:US$310mm(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
300mm:US$434(Shipping cost:US$ 35)
330mm:US$398(Shipping cost:US$ 35)
360mm:US$509(Shipping cost:US$ 35)


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