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Block Plane list


Blade:Special-edged Steel
55mm:US$ 256(Shipping cost:US$ 38)
48mm:US$ 256(Shipping cost:US$ 38)

Hideo Ishido

Hideo Ishido "Hommei"

Simple is Best using Blue Steel #1
Steel: Blue Steel #1
Size: 48 mm,42mm
Dai: White Oak (As for red oak, please contact us.)
48mm:$US 210(Shipping cost:US$ 30)
42mm:$US 210(Shipping cost:US$ 30)

Magatama-Mokume by Tesshinsai Horaku

Magatama-Mokume by Tesshinsai Horaku

Hourakus Wood of graind design are premium!
Blade: Special Cutting Steel
Size: 55 mm ((other sizes are available upon request.)
Dai: Red Oak
Price:US$ 399(Shipping cost:US$ 33)

"Godaisan" block plane by Funahiro

Price:US$ 298(Shipping cost:US$ 30)

Tasai mini plane set

Tasai mini plane set

Blade:Special Yasuki steel(Close to blue steel quality)
Price:US$ 1299(Shipping cost:Free)

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