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Tsunesaburo's Concave and Convex plane

Tsunesaburo's Concave and Convex plane

These Concave and Convex planes were designed to add a new dimension to ease of use!
36mm:$ 191(Shipping cost:$ 33)
30mm:$ 189(Shipping cost:$ 33)

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Tsunesaburo's Concave and Convex plane(Japanese carpentry,woodworking plane)
There are more than a few people who feel stuck with the quality of Concave and Convex plane, which is generally regarded as less expensive.
However, the Concave and Convex planes we are going to introduce now are something new and very special!!
I requested of Tsunesaburo-san to produce a specific work using "kamaji"(a kind of traditional iron of Japan) instead of the normal zi-gane (the iron for Japanese carpentry,woodworking tools).
Kamaji is a fragile and soft iron, reproduced from vessel chains, iron bridges, and scrapped parts of boilers, which were used in the 19th and early 20th century. Softer iron is so desirable for easy filing as it is easy to shape and the sharpness can be maintained.
Although kamaji is such an expensive material that people sometimes want to avoid, I am very proud of introducing this to you, with the concept of "higher quality for the price".
In addition, high-quality steel for the blade, Blue steel #1 is also used.





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