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Western-style plane's blade

Western-style plane's blade

No1--Width:2 1/2 inch(60mm) Length:8 1/4 inch(198mm) Price:US$ 46

No2--Width:2 1/12 inch(50mm) Length:7 11/12 inch(190mm) Price:US$ 44

No3:--Width:2 1/12 inch(50mm) Length:6 1/2 inch(155mm) Price:US$ 42

No4--Width:1 2/3 inch(40mm) Length:4 7/12 inch(110mm) Price:US$ 19

No5:Length 1 11/24 inch(35mm) Length:4 7/12 inch(110mm) Price:US$ 32

Now you can buy a western-style plane's blade at our shop. I have the blacksmith in Miki city make this blade. Usually, western-style blades are made of steel alone, but, our blade is forge-welded steel and soft iron (Jigane) by applying Japanese technique.
It cuts very well. Just try it!
Minimum order is three blades. (You can choose a size of each blade,Shipping cost:US/3 blades)

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