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Japanese style moulding plane

Japanese style moulding plane

15mm concave: US$225
15mm convex: US$225
18mm concave: US$260
18mm convex: US$260
21mm concave: US$271
21mm convex: US$271
24mm concave: US$271
24mm convex: US$271
30mm concave: US$294
30mm convex: US$294

Shipping cost
US27(1 piece) US37(2 pieces) US45(3-4 pieces) US56(5-6 pieces) US63(7-8 pieces) US72(9-10 pieces)

You can spicify radius of them.
It takes about two months to make them.

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mol15mm 1.jpg
mol 15mm 2.jpg
mol 15mm 3.jpg
mol15mm 4.jpg
mol15mm 5.jpg
mol24mm 1.jpg
mol24mm 2.jpg
mol24mm 3.jpg
mol24mm 4.jpg
mol24mm 5.jpg


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