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"Beishu" plane by Tsunesaburo

US$ 546(White oak dai,shipping:US$ 45)
US$ 608(Inomoto's red oak dai,shipping:US$ 45)

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Tsunesaburo-san released the newest planes as limited-edition.
To make these planes, he used an iron obtained from an old rail.
This rail was found from a foundation of an old department store in Osaka, closed in recent days. Tsunesaburo-san went to the site where the store was unbuilding and selected the finest section of the rail. After he purchased it, he found out that the rail was made in England in 19th century.
This iron's characteristic is soft. It is softer than "Kamaji".By using this plane you shall know it is the really excellent work.
He used special ordered blue steel which Tsunesaburo the first ordered in the 1940s.This blue steel is more suitable for shaving wood thin than other blue steels.
This blade does not have Tsunesaburo's stamp.But it is possible for Tsunesaburo
to put his stamp on it.
If you are interested in this plane, please ask us now!


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