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Masao Miyamoto's Tensho

Masao Miyamoto's Tensho


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Not just a few carpenters are looking around for works of Mr. Saburo Okada, well-known by plane blacksmiths and general carpenters all over Japan during the Taisho period and early Showa period (1910 - 1940). Additionally, Masao Miyamoto, a producer of "Tensho", is the son of a planesmith who had gained on-the-job training under Mr. Saburo Okada for 18 years, and later became an independent producer. After his father's death, he succeeded the business and has been engaged in producing planes for more than 60 years. His name has now become famous all around Japan, as a top-ranked planesmith from Miki district.
In the production of his works, he uses pine charcoals for iron working all the time.
At the 13th gathering of "Kezuro-kai", two carpenters for temple and shrine construction competed with their own techniques of "Usukezuri" (thin shaving) to win the first prize, and the planes both of them used were Miyamoto's.
Please take this opportunity to try his work!




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