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"Nami no Hana" by Hideshi Ogata

Blade:Swedish steel or white steel #1
Dai:White oak
Price:US$ 716(70mm,Swedish steel,Shipping cost:US$ 43)
US$ 716(65mm,Swedish steel,Shipping cost:US$ 43)
US$ 716(70mm,White steel #1,Shipping cost:US$ 43)
US$ 716(65mm,(White steel #1,Shipping cost:US$ 43)

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Hideshi Ogata is a palane blacksmith from Nigata(Echigo Yoita).This plane was put in
the bulletin of "Kezurokai".Kozaburo Sugimura(The representative of "Kezurokai")
praised this plane.
He extracted the features of Swedish by his technique which was developed for many years.
It is easy to sharpen and has great durability.




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