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Onko-Chishin by Michio Tasai

Onko-Chishin by Michio Tasai

Price:US$ 1175(White oak dai,Shipping cost:US$ 45)

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This is a very unique-looking plane!
This plane has been made first by Chiyozuru Korehide and the shape became a legend.
Because of such complex shape, most of blacksmiths think it is a lot of trouble and don't like to make it.
When Tasai-san went to an exhibition, a carpenter told him "I wish there is a plane like this. Everybody's too!" He inspired by this carpenter's word, and made this plane.
Tasai-san, he is a highly motivated and inquiring craftsman, remade the plane completely despite the difficulties.
He had Hitachi metals make steel as special order. The component of this steel is close to blue steel. And also zigane was made from watetsu which obtained from melted nails and hinges; they were made in 18C. By using these materials, this plane was produced very sharp but also very easy to grind.
We're confident that you will be one of the satisfied owners of this plane.




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