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"Takumi no Tamashi" by Hideshi Ogata

Blade:Super blue steel
Price:US$ 779(White oak dai,Shipping:US$ 49)

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The blue steel is often used to make planes.
The blue steel features durability and easy-to-forge steel, in addition, it can keep the quality of planes.
The white steel, however, can make a blade sharper and can finish woods more beautiful, though it is not easy-to-forge and has a high probability of defective.
Because of these features, many of blacksmiths are reluctant to use the white steel.

Hideshi Ogata, considered Japan's number one blacksmith in respect of his forging technique of the white steel, has been making planes with the white steel.
His technique, can handle the white steel at will, proves that Mr. Ogata is ranked as one of the top blacksmiths. And such blacksmiths are becoming rare.

This time, Mr. Ogata made a plane with super blue steel, named "Takumi no Tamashi" (The spirit of master).
This super blue steel is said that is one of the high-end steels for blades.
Mr. Ogata maximized the characteristic of super blue steels by using his special technique acquired in white steels.



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