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Tsunesaburo "Wago"


Blade:Togo Inukubi steel

70mm:US$ 854(White oak dai,shipping:US$ 43)
65mm:US$ 854(White oak dai,shipping:US$ 40)

70mm:US$ 974(Red oak dai,shipping:US$ 43)
65mm:US$ 974(Red oak dai,shipping:US$ 40)

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The ingredients are very similar to those of high-speed steel, one series of Togo steel, and it is used as a manufacturing tool for lathe tuning.
Nevertheless, the steel with the width of Rokubu (18mm) and the thickness of Ichibu-Gorin (3mm) is hard to be extended, and rather difficult steel for hammer welding.
It is superior in durability, but it takes time for sharpening angles and many blade maniacs pursue it for its unusual quality.
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