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"Watetsu" by Michio Tasai

You will be really interested in Watetsu
Blade:Special Yasuki steel(close to blue steel quality)
Size: 70, 65, (Other sizes are also available.)
Dai: White oak (As for red oak, please contact us.)
70mm:US$ 844(Shipping cost:US$ 48)
65mm:US$ 844(Shipping cost:US$ 48)
Tasai made this plane's chipbreaker by himself

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Watetsu is a base iron which reuses tempered nails and hinges in the 17th and 18th. The preferred Base metals are quite fragil, so watetsu is a suitable iron for planes and chisels. Customers who bought these products, usually ask us "is there any tools made from Watetsu?" So, Watetsu is a very nice and preferred iron.



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