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"Yotama" by Tsunesaburo

Price:US$803(White oak dai,Shipping:$45)

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Tsunesaburo gott some steels from Kengo Usui.
He made a a trial plane with the steel which is used for Jo no Mai.
This steel is called "Yotama"."Yotama" is carbon steel of high purity which
was manufactured in Europe in the end of nineteenth century.But the maker of
this steel stopped manufacturing this steel in 1940.But ASSAB company in
Sweden manufactured this steel again.
It is close to Tamahagane quality.

This steel is suitable for both hardwoods and softwoods.But it is very easy
to sharpen.You can sharpen it with man-made stones only.

Usui stopped making Jo no Mai.So he gave Tsunesaburo-san this
steel.Tsunesaburo-san will make a few planes with it.

You can name this plane.
The size of this plane is 70mm.But it is possible to make 65mm,60mm and 55mm planes with this steel.
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