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"Hakuho" by Takeo Nakano

Blade:White steel
US$612(70mm,Shipping cost:US$47)
US$612(65mm,Shipping cost:US$47)
US$612(60mm,Shipping cost:US$43)

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Mr. Takeo Nakano living in Niigata prefecture, who was born in 1941, has been dedicated himself earnestly to being an excellent plane blacksmith.
He also gains the trust of other fellow of blacksmiths by his character.
Even his rivals say about him, "Nakano's works are very careful. He is the one of the best blacksmiths."
Nakano-san makes his principal to make good-quality planes at reasonable price. That is his conscience.
He used white steel(A kind of carbon steel).So it is very good for softwoods and medium hardwoods.

It is possible to inscribe your name on the blade.You do not have to pay an additional charge.
Nakano will inscribe your name in Chinese characters(We will eepress your name in Chinese characters) or English.

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