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Tunesaburo Tapping-Out Maintenance-Free Plane

Tunesaburo Tapping-Out Maintenance-Free Plane

Blue steel Tapping-Out Maintenance-Free Plane
70mm:US$482(White oak dai,Shipping cost:US$47)
65mm:US$482(White oak dai,Shipping cost:US$47)
60mm:US$482(White oak dai,Shipping cost:US$47)

Carbon steel Tapping-Out Maintenance-Free Plane
70mm:US$552(White oak dai,Shipping cost:US$47)
65mm:US$552(White oak dai,Shipping cost:US$47)
60mm:US$552(White oak dai,Shipping cost:US$47)

Swedish steel Tapping-Out Maintenance-Free Plane
70mm:US$635(White oak dai,Shipping cost:US$47)
65mm:US$635(White oak dai,Shipping cost:US$47)
60mm:US$635(White oak dai,Shipping cost:US$47)

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The maintenance of Japanese-style Planes can be troublesome!


"A Japanese-style Plane cuts well, but the maintenance is troublesome" - this is something we hear quite often.


Especially I don't understand the "tapping-out process".

I do not understand how to deal with how to tap-out the hollow-shaped blade, which is the hardest part of the plane maintenance.

Because the shiny part of the plane blade gradually wears down when sharpening, the blade edge must be corrected by "tapping-out." This technique is called "uradashi." However, this work requires considerable skill. This might be the main reason why the Japanese-style Plane is not often used.


With this plane you don't need to perform the tapping-out maintanence on the blade!

We have researched for many years how to solve this difficult problem and innovation in technology. Then we invented a technical improvement for non-tapping out maintenance-free planes.


What is the secret of this plane?
As for this plane, R is curved like a half moon shape.

This is the secret of creating the non-tapping out maintenance-free procedure.


Here is the introduction for the line-up of non-tapping-out planes Doto Big Waves.

Moreover, I will produce it according to your preference, such as the size and steel! Please contact for any inquires.

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