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Smoothing Plane list

"Ana no Kanna" by Tsunesaburo

The iron of this plane was made with a railway bridge which was manufactured in the 19th century.So this iron is very soft.And this plane is easy to sharpen!
This hole is the hole of bolt.
Blade:Blue steel #1
Price:US$ 575(Shipping cost:US$ 47)


Tsunesaburo "Kotobuki"

Tsunesaburo "Kotobuki"
Steel: Blue Steel #1
Size: 70 mm, 65 mm
Dai: White oak (As for red oak, please contact us.)

"Nami no Hana" by Hideshi Ogata

Blade:Swedish steel or white steel #1
Dai:White oak
Price:US$ 716(70mm,Swedish steel,Shipping cost:US$ 43)
US$ 716(65mm,Swedish steel,Shipping cost:US$ 43)
US$ 716(70mm,White steel #1,Shipping cost:US$ 43)
US$ 716(65mm,(White steel #1,Shipping cost:US$ 43)

"Takumi no Tamashi" by Hideshi Ogata

Blade:Super blue steel
Price:US$ 779(White oak dai,Shipping:US$ 49)

"Zuiten" by Takeo Nakano

Blade:Swedish steel
70mm:US$ 778(White oak dai,Shipping cost:US$ 49)

65mm:US$ 778(White oak dai,Shipping cost:US$ 49)

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