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Smoothing Plane list

"On" by Michio Tasai

"It is said that Michio Tasai's
planes have a wonderful appeal, almost a magical charm all
their own."
Blade:Special Yasuki steel( close to Blue Steel quality)
Size: 70, 65mm (other sizes are available upon request.)
Dai: White Oak (As for red oak, please contact us.)
70mm-US$ 953(Shipping cost:US$ 49)
65mm:US$ 953(Shipping cost:US$ 49)
Tasai made this plane's chipbreaker by himself

Onko-Chishin by Michio Tasai

Onko-Chishin by Michio Tasai

Price:US$ 1175(White oak dai,Shipping cost:US$ 45)

Tasai Mokume

Tasai Mokume "file finish" plane 70mm

Did you know that Tasai manufacturerd such a plane?
This is "Mokume" but "file finish" type.This is the plane specially made to order.
Tasai made this plane's chipbreaker by himself

"Kinjyu" by Tesshinsai Horaku

Blade:White steel of high purity
Price(White oak dai)
70mm:US$ 792(Shipping cost:US$ 43)
65mm:US$ 792(Shipping cost:US$ 40)
55mm:US$ 720(Shipping cost:US$ 36)

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