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Smoothing Plane list

"Magatama" by Tesshinsai Horaku

This is our original plane with a concept, High quality products with reasonable price
Steel is special cutting steel, which has more excellent endurance than Blue Steel.
Blade: Special cutting steel
Price:US$ 398(Shipping cost: US$ 43)

"Gojyunen" 150mm by Tsunesaburo

Price:US$ 2530(Shipping cost:Free)

"Gojyunen" 105mm and 90mm by Tsunesaburo

US$ 1893(White oak dai,Shipping cost:Free)
US$ 1792(White oak dai,Shipping cost:Free)

"Beishu" plane by Tsunesaburo

US$ 546(White oak dai,shipping:US$ 45)
US$ 608(Inomoto's red oak dai,shipping:US$ 45)

"Kongou" by Tsunesaburo

Blade:Togo Reigo steel
US$ 1680(70mm,White oak dai,Shipping cost:Free)
US$ 1680(65mm,White oak dai,Shipping cost:Free)

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