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Dozuki saw narrow type by Mitsukawa

Dozuki saw narrow type by Mitsukawa

Blade:White steel #2
Blade width:27mm
Price:US$ 225(Shipping cost:US$ 24)

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Dozuki saw narrow type by Mitsukawa(Japanese saw)
Mr. Mitsukawa is a blacksmith of Japanese saw from Miki city, Hyogo. His technique has been perfectly mastered from the traditional arts. Often featured on TV, he is highly valued by his customers, even though he is still young.
I was so impressed when I observed his brilliant work in the adjustment of a saw's thickness, exhibiting his talents cultivated by tireless training in years past, that I decided to begin to sell his work.
He used white steel #2, the best material for producing Japanese saws. He scraped the steel with the original technique so that a sharp and light cutting was perfected which cannot be found on other saws.
I would like to recommend his pieces to customers who can appreciate the real arts, though they are rather expensive compared to others!

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