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We have run a hardware store for more than 30 years. Recently, hand tools, planes, and chisels have been highlighted and we are pleased to offer these excellent products through our relationships and networks which were built for 30 years. We have also been offering own customized tools to meet our customer's requests.

We started to talk with customers from overseas and are happy to meet every customer's requests. Since we believe that forging a trusting relationship with customers is one of the most important things, we have replied to various questions sent from customers.

Some products are very expensive, but there is a reason why these prices are high. We have great reputation for our unbeatable services.

Japanese hand made tools and information about them are the US or Europe. We would like to collect these products through our personal connections and we hope you are interested in our products. To have good relationships with customers, communication is necessary and we promise to have pleasant and favorable communication with customers.

We call this kind of service "Japanese hospitality". We imagine that you might have anxiety about buying high priced products from Japan. If you are interested in tools, please do not hesitate to ask us! Even if your questions are not directly related to product purchase, ask us! We are happy to help you at any time.

Please send us any questions you might have! We are looking forward to hearing from you!!


Iida Tool

1-5-20 Hojo Daito-Shi Osaka 574-0011 Japan
Shop master
Tomohito Iida

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